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EVO UltraFit is the solely approved service provider for the ARP POV Sport. They are the only company to create and provide protocols and consultations for the ARP POV Sport. With a combined knowledge base of over 50+ years of work and research, EVO UltraFit consultants are the premier performance, recovery, and health experts globally. Their clientele spans all ages and abilities from children to professional athletes.


Specialized EVO UltraFit evaluations are executed to ensure the most customized
program for the ARP POV Sport user.


Our proven protocols generate health, fitness, and performance results for any individual. The specialized EVO UltraFit protocols can be customized and individualized to create the best results for the ARP POV Sport user.

The EVO UltraFit System

EVO UltraFit System was created by Jay Schroeder to focus on the way in which the body interacts with stimuli. By taking this approach to health, fitness, and performance, it is possible to reach and surpass your goals more quickly than with traditional strength and fitness training methodologies. The system uniquely evaluates and analyzes physiological traits to properly program and implement strategies to elicit desired responses to stimuli.  These responses manifest themselves in many different forms from harder hits on the football field, decreases in body fat, increases in lean muscle mass, and/or a healthier immune system which facilitates an increased quality of life; it is all possible with the EVO UltraFit System.

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