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“With the help of the POV Sport and UltraFit/EvoSport consultation, I was able to finish my 2,520 mile cross-continent run in record time, breaking the previous record by 12 days.

Running an average of one marathon every day for 93 consecutive days should have destroyed me physically, but thanks to my preparation and continued use of the ARP POV Sport technology during the run, I was able to finish stronger than when I started. The potocols designed for me forced maintenance or improvement of my muscle mass, strength, endurance, and recovery through out. We are already training in preparation for my next cross-country run in March 2011″

Helen Neville Helene Neville
This testimonial is from the father of Jake Beaquette, junior defensive lineman at the University of Arkansas. Jake is a scholarship athlete and the fastest tested lineman on the team.  His father writes:

“Jake ran a 4.62 in the 40 yard dash at a body weight of 271 lbs.  He dropped a tenth of a second in the 40 and gained an additional 11 pounds of body weight compared to last year.  What is even more impressive is that his 20 yard shuttles was 4.02 sec. He also increased his bench press 90 pounds in the past 18 months.”

Jake Beaquette Jake Beaquette
“My name is Sione Finau. I am a boxer with aspirations of being the heavyweight champion of the world. My results using UltraFit/EvoSport Training Protocols on the ARP POV Sport were awesome! I benched 225 lbs. when I first got there, and then 375 lbs. a week and a half later.  My ability to move around the ring also improved dramatically in this short time.  I have since scrapped my roadwork or other training and put in its place UltraFit/EvoSport Protocols with The ARP POV Sport to complement my boxing.”
Sione Finau
“Since beginning my training with the UltraFit/EvoSport Protocols in conjunction with the ARP POV Sport, I have become a completely different athlete.  I have always been a skilled hockey player but was often labeled ‘a little slow’.  Now, that negative label no longer exists which allows me to be a complete player.  I skate at a professional level and have become extremely resistant to injury.  Even more than the obvious physical improvements, the biggest difference I have seen is in my mental toughness.  I have learned to “push through for success” no matter the circumstances! This has not only translated directly to hockey but to my life. This has truly been a life changing experience for me.”
Will Roberts
Pro Hockey Player

“I just wanted to thank you guys for helping me live life to the fullest!  Your UltraFit/EvoSport Protocols and the ARP POV Sport have given me, a 42 year old policeman, the ability to stay young.  When I compete in various sports against 20 year olds, they are “SHOCKED” as I destroy them!  You are kidding yourself if you don’t want to stay strong, feel young and enjoy life!  I recommend anyone who wants results now to train this way.”
Arnie Omitt
Police Officer
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